Whitewolf (fan character)
Whitewolf, art by Whitewolf89





Whitewolf is a fanmade character invented by Whitewolf89. It serves as both a roleplaying character and an online persona. Whitewolf is a martian biker mouse who is also a ninja, because nothing screams ninja like riding a big Harley-Davidson chopper bike while wearing Mad Max clothing. She is also considerably younger than her creator.

Origin Edit

This origin has been told by Whitewolf89 herself on her Deviantart.

Whitewolf, or as her friends and family usually call her, Wolf, is the younger sister of Throttle, and cousin to Vinnie and Modo (The Biker Mice are all blood-related to each other in my currently-in-progress fanfics ), and is a valued and much-loved member of the Biker Mice team and family. She is calm, conscientious, wise beyond her years, brave, selfless and fiercely loyal to her family, friends and teammates. Like her older brother and her cousins, though, she has a bit of a temper, which sometimes comes out very strongly and clearly when those she loves are threatened in any way. She loves being around her bros, as she calls them, and would do anything for them, even though Throttle sometimes gets on her nerves with his "Overprotective Big Brother" act, as she calls it. That said, she would gladly lay down her life for him, Vinnie, Vinnie's younger identical twin brother, Aaron (also a fan-character of mine) Modo, Charley, her (Wolf's) Martian Moragg-Gi best friend and partner, Shiningflame (or just plain "Flame", for short), Flame's younger sister, Icestorm ("Ice"), and their cousin, Firefrost ("Frost"; all three of whom are ALSO mine) and anyone else that she's close to...and this has since come to include the Ninja Turtles, Master Splinter, April and Casey. As Throttle often puts it in reference to his little sis, "If you're someone that she calls "friend", consider yourself VERY lucky".
As far as the rest of Wolf's history goes, she's about Vinnie and Aaron's age, but a month or two older. She's also a trained Freedom Fighter (same as her bros), and in a surprise twist, she's also one of Mars' few remaining trained Ninjas, belonging to one of only TWO Ninja Clans remaining on Mars, the Star Dragon Clan (the other is called the Moonwind Clan) . She takes this JUST as seriously as her duties as an Freedom Fighter, but actually a bit more so, being as she began her Ninja training a LOT earlier than she did her Freedom Fighter training. (She was about 7 or 8 years old at the time.) And, as she herself will tell you, Martian style Ninjitsu is a WHOLE lot different than that of Earth on some ways. For one thing, while Terran/Earth/Japanese ninjas are known to have traditions of it running back centuries in certain families; Martian Ninjas don't. In fact, there are only one or two families in all of Mars who have a history of that type of ninjitsu going back that far, or farther (the Moonwind family is one, that ALSO being the name of the other Martian Ninja clan). For the most part, a Martian becomes a Ninja only because he or she WANTS to, NOT because it's an ancient family traditon, like in Japan.
This was basically what happened with Wolf. She became a Martian Ninja because, even at that early age of her life, the practice of it fascinated her, and she liked their ideal of honor and admired their sense of discipline. Thusly, she continues to practice the art even though she has since joined the ranks of the Martian Resistance in order to serve and protect her people. And it has served her, her teammates, and her people very well over the course of the Martian/Plutarkian War and subsequent Plutarkian Occupation of Mars.
Wolf's Sensei and master, Master Sandstorm, is a Mouse of exceptional skill, courage and high honor whom she greatly respects and loves every bit as much as she does her own father, and holds him in the same high regard. There is little that she won't do for him, within reason. But then, Master Sandstorm has never been one to ask her to do something that he would't do himself. In point of fact, he is to Wolf what Master Splinter is to the Ninja Turtles, all of whom Wolf meets during the course of a recon-mission to New York City (this is covered in the BMFM/TMNT crossover fanfic that I'm currently working on, so I ain't about to give anything away. Sorry.).
Wolf's weapons are fairly simple: she carries her family's ancestral sword, "Shadowstorm", at her back, in a scabbard slung over her right shoulder (in much the same way Leonardo carries his katanas), a single sai in the right side of her belt (it, and "Shadowstorm", both belonged to her illustrious namesake, the original Whitewolf, but the sai's twin was lost long centuries ago, before Wolf herself was ever born), her ancestor's hunting knife in a sheath on the outside of her right boot, several types of shuriken (both Martian AND Terran) secreted in various places on her person (mostly in the pockets of her vest), and, last but not least, she wears a gunbelt and holster similar to her brother's around her waist and strapped to her left thigh. Inside is the standard-issue purple-and-red Martian-type phased-plasma blaster, an exact duplicate of the one that Throttle himself carries, and that she was given when she joined the Resistance. The main difference between them, however, is that Throttle likes his blaster and wouldn't think of being without it for any reason, and Wolf dislikes hers intensely, prefering her Ninja weaponry (she's a lot like Leonardo in this respect). She dislikes firearms a lot in general (although she concedes she doesn't mind them on her bike), because, in her mind, they aren't a TRUE warrior's weapon. Consequently, she prefers the ancient weapons, like the sword, sai, knife; etc....something she also shares in common with Leo, whom she develops a tremendous amount of respect for. She does, however, also concede, albeit VERY reluctantly, that her enemies, and those of her people, don't bother with the old weapons much, if at all. The Plutarkians being a major point of her concession. She also knows that you sometimes have to fight fire with fire, and use things...or weapons...that you would ordinarily despise in order to stay alive. And so she does.
Her best friend (outside Flame and Throttle, that is) is her warbike, "Wyldfyre". The powerful, Martian-built bike is an exact duplicate of Throttle's bike, "Lady", being jet-back in color, with the minor difference that "Lady's" fuel-tank is half-silver and half-black, and "Wyldfyre's" is painted to look like it's engulfed in flames, with "his" name, "Wyldfyre", painted on it, on both sides, in dark metallic-blue. And don't anybody try to tell me that I spelled "Wyldfyre" wrong, please. That's the way WOLF chose to spell it herself. Makes it rather distinctive, don'tcha think?:

Martian Ninjas Edit

Martian Ninjas are the best Ninjas in our solar system. They have keen senses and are aware of telescopes and satellites as far away as Earth. On Mars, being a ninja is more like a job you choose as opposed to being born into it, thus everybody can become a ninja if it so pleases them. Judging by recent pictures of Mars, shot by the Mars rovers, everyone on Mars is a highly skilled ninja seeing as they manage to hide themselves, their hulking Harley-Davidson look-alikes, their cities and their entire culture from Mars Rovers sent by NASA. This is highly impressive by anyone's standards.

There has been one recorded attack by Martian Ninjas has happened on September 27, 1997, when a band of Martian Ninjas attacked and destroyed the NASA Mars Rover named Sojourner.