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Type 79 Chi-ha first graced the Drome with his presence on August 24th, 2005, the day German Politician Peter Glotz died and Canadian Prime Minister Martin vows to not ignore Quebec in the next election. This, however, does not interest Type 79 Chi-ha in the least as he is a die-hard American to the point where he thinks he is, in fact, America. He also believes that Sarah Palin is and was the last defense against communism in the hot-zone known as Alaska.

Type 97 Chi-ha was born in 1965. He lives and works as a test technician in Brookfield, Illinois.

Join Date and Immediate ReactionsEdit

Type 79 Chi-ha registered in the later days of August 2005 under the name Type 79 Chi-ha. This was apparently the name of a crappy tank the Japanese used during the second World War. However, he quickly discovered that the tank was actually called "Type 97 Chi-ha" and the mistake was rectified with a name-change. Type 97 Chi-ha has not had any name changes since.

To Beth or not to Beth Edit

Largely unnoticeable as a member and generally one of the big grey mass that makes up for the less prolific members of the Drome, Type 97 Chi-ha's only claims to fame have been his announcing that he was engaged to a woman named Beth. This was on October 23rd, 2005. His short but simple statment:

I just proposed to my girlfriend Beth yesterday. We get married in June!

However, it was not meant to be and on December 6th, 2005, Type 97 Chi-ha announced the wedding was off. At the point of posting the message, he seemed to have survived the emotional trauma of separation because he looked into the future with optimism.

Unfortunately the marriage between Beth and I is off, and we are no longer engaged. For a number of reasons, we decided we couldn't work out as husband and wife. I'll have to find another. Too bad.

There have not been any other news as to the state of his lovelife since.

America! Fuck Yeah! Edit

Despite sharing his name with one of emperor Tojo's most prized but utterly useless war-toys, Type 97 Chi-ha is a die-hard patriot. Normally, a certain degree of racism goes hand in hand with the level of patriotism he displays, but so far, there has not been any indication of him having any aversions towards people of other races, prooving that patriotism and racism can exist separately.

First outing his patriotic views and opposition to the new President-Elect Barack Obama in the Presidential Election thread, his opinions were shrugged off because celebrations were in order and he was of a minority and that was that. He also claimed to be an expert on how non-Americans see the world and the glorious America in particular, a fact which led to much ridicule of his person. Being culturally entirely uninterested as long as it doesn't have stars and stripes on it somewhere, his cultural awareness of other nations is most likely originating in his mind and pieced together with stuff he's read on message boards on the internet.

Later, during the great healthcare debate, Type 97 Chi-ha's sentiments towards Barack Obama didn't seem to have improved. On the contrary, in an almost zealous manner, he defended the current healthcare system of the United States, implying communism and socialism to be bestowed upon unsuspecting Americans after accepting the reform. He completely missed the fact that the new health care system would be an option and not mandatory. During this debate, Type 97 Chi-ha exhibited not only cultural unawareness - a wide-spread phenomenon in America due to its sheer size and incomprehensiveness in itself - but also seemed to be severely misinformed about the state of the economy as well as the economic crisis and cures against it.

His cultural ignorance once more resurfaced and he feverishly clinged to his claims that the entire world didn't like America because of its glory and power and not, as often cited, because maybe it seemed to Europeans that the United States were starting wars left and right on more than dubious grounds.

I am America! Edit

Type 97 Chi-ha is a member of the minority whose "side" has lost the 2008 presidential elections. However, American to the bone - often speaking for the whole nation - Type 97 Chi-ha is usually pretty opinionated about his political views, which often gets him involved in flame wars with other members - but that's nothing surprising, to be honest. After all, you don't name yourself after a Japanese WW2 tank without a reason. Many American members have asked him to stop speaking for the entire nation of his heart since they had voices of their own, but they were quickly ignored as Type 97 Chi-ha is the embodiment of the glory and awesomeness of the United States of America.

Currently warned for a ferocious fight against weak and degenerate Europeans in a healthcare reform thread, he wears his yellow square with pride, just like a war veteran would wear his battle scar.

Cartoons for X Edit

Type 97 Chi-ha used to sometimes open whole new threads to post moderately funny cartoons, usually with only one member and occasionally a minority in mind - maybe because the Private Message function seems to be just too European for him.