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Turtle Dove was one of the most passionate members of the Drome. She had a very eccentric sex drive and was constantly in heat. Weirdly enough, for a female, she was extremely defensive of "her" territory. She had a shortlived career on the Drome, spanning all of three months. Before she left, she had accumulated two warnings, but the warnings have since expired due to her inactivity.

Adventures pre-Drome Edit

Apparently, Turtle Dove suffered from a brain tumor in her childhood. Luckily she survived without any greater disadvantages or scarring, but she retained a learning disorder.

Adventures in Sodomy Edit

Signing up under the nickname "Mikey's Girl" she quickly decided that Mikey was hers and hers alone. While this might seem strange to the regular onlooker, it is fairly normal behaviour among females on the Drome. Her undying love for Mikey soon wasn't enough, since she apparently had love left over and she decided that only the four turtles combined were enough to satisfy both her love and libido. These sentiments were - as it is custom on the internet - expressed loudly and often, drawing the usual shitstorm that follows these statement in their wake. This culminated in a thread where she briefly described the life she would have after she'd marry Donatello.

I'd live in a big ol house surrounded by machines,while my husband never comes to bed cause he defeated Bill Gates took over Microsoft renamed is "MIcro-Shell" and is now making billions making machas in Japan plus the fuel free car that transforms into a boat in case of floods or a jet in case you fall off a cliff. And instead of a car alarm Don's cars make sheilds (Like in the Batman 1 and 2 movies) Raph be the "That's MY girl" ."Don't look at my woman!" jealous type of husband and the over protective father.If he had daughters..."Stay away from my little girl!" "Don't mess with my kids..."

In her later career, she used the long-standing thread named "The New Café" to tell everyone about her sexual dreams, which is where the following post originated.

It was about the 4 Ninja Turtes in the 90's version before Red Sky.They where arguing in a store that appeared to be a mall. I was there with a guy and saw them. Mikey loked at me and asked,"Why is he here?" I looked at the guy and he was like a light skined dude with brown hair. He just shrugged and walked off. I told Mikey ,"i don't know." Well Leo and Don where arguing more and Mikey, Raph & I left. We went outside and it was all green with hills. We found some meadow area and then it became a make out session!
Meanwhile back inside Don handed Leo a soap bar and said,"Just take the damn thing." The soap was blue and shaped like a tounge. Leo took it and put a red bow on it then bought it. Don went to the turtle van and saw a couple shells out in the feild and called to them. Raph blurted out,"Busy! Catch you later." Leo came out in a dress then said I'm walking home. Don got in the van an left but it was one of those streets you see in movies.

Whether or not she really did dream that particular dream is unknown.

Adventures in Chat Edit

At the point Turtle Dove joined, the inofficial Drome Chat was having its hey-day. Her first time in the chat was when a stranger had stumbled across the chatroom and had assumed that the Technodrome was about techno music. The resident Dromers then decided, as decreed per internet rules, to take the piss out of the stranger and so Anarky quickly became the single father of 3 year-old twin girls, one of which had her hair dyed green for some ungodly reason. Jo Dawn, following her maternal instincts, was the friendly girl from work who spoiled the girls rotten, much to the chagrin of their father.The whole scenario quickly grew to a "Bad Daily Soap"-level and characters like "Miguel"  and "Diego" appeared. Fun was had by everyone.

Not five minutes after joining and doing a preliminary assessment of the situation, Jo Dawn was deemed to be a "Bitch" for no other reason than her being present and female. At that point, Jo Dawn had not talked to Turtle Dove yet. From there on out, Jo Dawn was Turtle Dove's mortal enemy. However, somebody neglected to tell Jo Dawn about her newfound nemesis.

For all Turtle Dove knows, Anarky still is the loving father of two with Jo Dawn as sort of a surrogate mother involved in a bizarre daily soap setting that Argentinian Telenovelas couldn't write more impressively.

Adventures in Flirting Edit

Quickly after and partially during her first visits to the chat, Turtle Dove discovered that her four turtle lovers were still not enough to satisfy her and so she decided to hit on everything that was testosterone-driven. Her targets off affection included but were not limited to Anarky, Spitfire, and Benvenuto. While many male Dromers didn't quite know how to handle the situation, Spitfire did the only manly thing and went along with it for a while, probably not realizing that she was quite possibly not quite as mentally sound as one would like your converstaional partners to be.

She proposed a meeting to the Texan TMNT-fans and decided that That Matt Guy would make a good lover because he offered the drinks.

Her compliments and "Flirt Posts" were of a disturbingly obvious and led to much bewilderment.

Adventures in Posting Edit

Having found her new loves on the Technodrome, she became territorial and increasingly hostile against everything that couldn't pee in urinals. Target of her wrath was mainly and repeatedly Jo Dawn. At some point, her anger was expressed through Private Messages, with increasingly incoherent and nonsensical content. In the meantime, Krang was called in to try to do something, but his attempts at reasoning were futile at best, despite noble efforts.

Voltron, being the sharp, analytical mind he is, summed up the situation in the following statement, imitating her wildly incoherent messages.

kurng! o down nrky sex skindle in te bed murder plot przdent my face hurt from makin mad face i wasn't nuthin doin but nrky o down staker me cauz god is holy lady master blaster legend of maritroid.

Adventures in Webdesign Edit

At some point, the mutual sentiment of all involved parties was that the situation has gotten unbearable. And so Turtle Dove set off into the depths of the internet, setting up her own website. For this, she employed the help of Spitfire who designed a very green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fansite. But rather than coming up with original ideas for her new site, she instead decided to take a shortcut by stealing text and HTML code from despite her hatred for its forums. Needless to say, nobody from the Drome was welcome. However, she did not miss an opportunity to spam links to her new site all over the Drome, leading Krang to add the URL to her site to the list of censored words.Events unknown took place and Spitfire was eventually kicked off his own site.

Turtle Dove left the Drome in infamy in February 2006.

Adventures in Life Post-Drome Edit

Turtle Dove set off into the wild world and is working as a Production Assistant, Graphic Designer and cook as of October 2009. She sometimes has acting parts as an extra, most notably an appearance on The Food Network's show "Food Detectives" in an episode titled "Small Plate Club." She describes her part as follows

I was the cute lil happy girl in a dress.

This makes her one of the few Dromers who have made it on TV. She now claims to live in Brooklyn, NY.

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