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The Technodrome Forums are ancient by internet standards. With the Technodrome website starting in October 1999, and the community having been around since July 2001 in its current form, they have amassed a great deal of history. This page is meant to chronicle that history from beginning to present. As the Drome has been through so many iterations, some information may be forever lost to the ages, but quite a bit of it is still remembered.

1999-2001 Edit

In the beginning, the Technodrome Forums were far from how it exists in its current form. It was a simple drop-down message board, common in those years. As it wasn't exactly booming with activity, very little of interest happened during this time period. There were a few members who moved from these forums into the new ones, some of which were somehow unhappy with the change.

2001 Edit

The Year the Technodrome Forums became the Technodrome Forums we all know and love, for the most part. On July 16, 2001, the new forums came online, and user sign-ups were...sluggish. Over the next few months, a few members would straggle in, make a post and never return. At the end of November, beginning of December, the Drome would start to see it's first long-term members. Peanut, Kali, DarthRaphael, and Machias Banshee all joined the Drome within a week, and things started from there. All 4 were made mods, thus making the user base 99% Mods and Admins, and 1% normal members.

List of Members from 2001

2002 Edit

2002 saw an increase in traffic for the Drome. While new members were much more frequent, the percentage that stuck around was still relatively low. 2002 also brought about the first few weirdos, including the ever popular SPEEd and PWDESAI. SPEEd has the honor of being the first ever member to be banned in Technodrome history. Although SPEEd holds that particular title, PWDESAI, and his accomplice Fenix, may be two of the most infamous trolls in Drome history. The utter destruction of Fenix at the hands of Krang is a thing of long forgotten Drome legend.

2002 also saw a great deal of long-term members joining, including such favourites as Reznorite420 and serious comic-guru Karpo 007. Aside from a glut of great members, 2002 also saw the beginning of one of the first, and most frightening, fads in Drome history - FIL.

List of Members from 2002

2003 Edit

This year, which is the same year as the 2003-2009 series began in February that year, is thought to be one of the greatest in Drome history. Spurred by all the Ninja Turtles news, forum member numbers swelled. Many of the longest-standing and most well-known members in Drome history joined in 2003, and this is thought of as the beginning of the Golden Age by many. Amongst all the new members the nWo Tech emerged, and a great deal of "Thread Jacking" took place on a regular basis. The early part of 2003 was home to more than thread jackings however, other notable occurrences included Voltron being an asshole, everyone calling Voltron an asshole, everyone telling Voltron to go away, Voltron apologizing, and finally Voltron being an asshole again. Tetsu Deinonychus also made a rather large impact early in 2003, posting some of the most ridiculous threads in Drome history. Classics included "Potheads unite!" dedicated to people who love cookware, "Picture of an ASS!", and as a play on the numerous religious threads of the time, "Down with Jesus Sanchez".

A thread of some note around this same time period was the "Late Night Crew" or "Late Night Thread", in which nocturnal members would spend the night talking about all sorts of nonsense, usually ending in some sort of bondage RP. Following this thread, more nonsense began to creep in the general discussion, EZWeasel's self-made fan club, featuring such fantastic rules as "You cant have an awful screen name" and "No RolePlaying ( Example **Pinches EZweasel** )" really started to add some color to the proceedings. A much more annoying trend also cropped up around this time with "The Battle of the Bands" threads, created every other day, and usually featuring such knock-out match-ups as Wham vs Milli Vanilli.

2003 also featured a lot of love. Group Hugs and "feel good" threads were fairly common, and the only enemies were enemies of the forum as a whole. Tokka-B and LoneWolf, two of the more notorious 2003 trolls, were two of few who managed to stir up trouble, though it didn't last long. Even the more annoying members, such as MNT889, were tolerated. The only stain on an otherwise fantastic year was the sudden downfall of Reznorite420. A fairly respected poster at the time, Reznorite suddenly became viciously sarcastic, and began lashing out for reasons unknown. Although he had always been a bit of a dick, 2003 marked his descent into madness, no doubt helped along by the numerous members who enjoyed watching him rise.
List of Members from 2003

2004 Edit

By and large, 2004 was the biggest and best year in Drome history. Dozens of members posted daily, threads would jump into the double digits in replies almost instantly, and there was always something new and entertaining to post about.


On 30 November 2015, the community reached a new all time when 3 486 members were online at the same time.

2017 (also known as Post-Modern Drome) Edit

Declining membership! Declining everything! Nihilism! Politics!

Absolutely the worst year for the Drome, beating the universally-loathed (but ultimately fun) 2016 by a mile. The forums achieved a state of stagnation in which the same 10-12 users would post in every. single. thread. The real problem was that those users were predictable as can be and could not be wavered in their opinions at all. So every thread was met with either 10 character apathy or an argument. Eventually the ever-so-clever Drome users caught onto this and became too meta for arguing. Users even tried baiting others into arguing for some long awaited excitement on the now monotonous Technodrome Forums, but few rose to it. In a time of forums declining in favour of social media, it is unknown and unlikely if the Drome will ever return to it's former glory. Mew also tried to come back.