The Weasels Nest





Apparently having "been in the making for years" The Weasels Nest was a group created specifically for the "most elite" members of the forums. It was extremely strict, and one mistake meant you were out!

Rules Edit

As an elite club, the Weasels Nest had very strict policies, these were outlined by their creator of the club as such:

  1. No UnFunny jokes
  2. No emotions (example: :lol: :) :x )
  3. You have to be elite (TopNotch)
  4. You cant have an awful screen name
  5. If you make a mistake Your out
  6. You have to impress me with something to get back in
  7. You have to like Casey Jones
  8. No RolePlaying ( Example **Pinches EZweasel** )
  9. No arguing about pointless stuff
  10. Obey all of Krang and Shredders rules of the Forum

Creation and First Members Edit

The Weasels Nest was created on July 8th 2004, a day written down in calendars the world over. Although a strict group for "elite" members, EZweasel, creator of said establishment, seemed pretty easily swayed when it came to admitting new members. Take the first two, for example:

cqb101: Can I be in? I don't do any of that stuff! *eye roll*

EZweasel: Well you did put an emotion ... but you did it to be bad so your in.

InsaneZane: I'm cool with all of those except #'s 2 and 8 I like to do that stuff :P -cranks up chainsaw-

EZweasel: rules where made to be broken... your in