Starting in 2004, the Technodrome Awards (also known as 'The Dromies') started up for fun, asspats, aknowloging the members that make the forums what they are with their unique flavour, and ego pumping. A tradition still enjoyed to this day.

Members nominate other members for an award. After a set date, a short list of the categories are posted up and the votes are submitted to the event organisers via PM or in the event thread for the year. Votes are then tallied, artists make a template and then inscribe the names of the winners, and then the awards are handed out.

Then everyone gets drunk off their rocker and fisticuffs and namecalling begins. Either that or everyone starts roleplaying as themselves getting drunk off their rocker and instantly join in with the fisticuffs and namecalling.

Categories Edit

The categories as of 2008 are as follows:

- Member who spends too much time here
- Member you'd most like to meet
- Most artistic member
- Best Drome Author
- Least Appreciated Member
- Most Humorous
- Most interesting name
- Most lovable member
- Nicest member
- Strangest member
- Most insightful posts
- Most interesting topic creator
- Weirdest topic creator
- Member with the Biggest Image Archive
- Member with the Smallest Vocabulary
- Member with the Biggest Vocabulary
- Best Couple
- Best Duo of Members
- Best Moderator
- Overall Best Member
- Member most likely to kill a man
- Pair most likely to hook up (and probably take over the world!)
- Most likely to strip at the Drome Con
- Most likely to end up on National TV (for WHATever reason!)
- Most likely to still be here in 40 years
- I'd hit that! (the male version)
- I'd hit that! (the female version)
- Biggest Raph Fan
- Biggest Mike fan
- Biggest Don fan
- Biggest Leo fan
- Most likely to survive the zombie apocolypse
- Member most likely to never receive an