snake (not spelled with a capital letter) is probably the best most OK member of the drome. Like no contest. Seriously.

Atleast half of his posts include a swear word. Sometimes multiple.

He's kept around because occasionally he shits out a fucking amazing post.

Known Traits Edit

  • fiercely defends his (often outlandish) opinions, no matter how subjective they are
  • huge fan of the word fuck and all of it's derivatives
  • browses 4chan and will let you know about it regardless of context
  • claims to be a teenager, yet acts like a 45 year old man. Basically Cybercubed-lite.
  • hates The Force Awakens
  • terrible grammar but everyone's okay with it for some reason
  • hates the MCU and cinematic universes in general
  • hates reddit
  • hates SJWs
  • hates 90% of users on the forum
  • really hates The Force Awakens
  • if a thread is locked, chances are that snake was the catalyst

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