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Perhaps the most notorious of all banned members, Reznorite420 was among the most well-known posters of his time. He's still a topic of conversation amongst those who witnessed his exploits. He became famous for, among other things, his constant complaining about the mods, and his insanely creepy nature involving females, including certain members who he merely thought were females.

Join Date and Immediate Reaction Edit

Reznorite420 (Rez) joined the Drome late in 2002, and was instantly a contributor. In these days, Rez was much less hateful, and was actually one of the more intelligent posters on the forum. While some found him slightly overbearing, he fit in generally well, and he made consistent contributions to both the GD and TMNT sections of the forum.

Downfall Edit

Not very long into 2003, Rez began to show a much meaner side. He began ranting to anyone who would listen about his inability to get IRC to work, and it wasn't long before he was getting into fights with several different members over meaningless things. He had a rather nasty attitude towards anime and rap music, and vented his feelings on both rather harshly. His anime ranting, in particular, would go down in infamy, usually referred to as "The beaker Incident". Many people echoed the same sentiment, that the defense members had made of anime was very similar to his constant defense of Star Trek, something he chose to ignore entirely.

Not long after, Rez felt he could pretty much say what he wanted, and went around attacking other members, although he remained firm that these "brief attacks" weren't worth the anger he was receiving. Through it all, he insisted that he was merely trying to make the forums a better place by attacking spam threads, insulting people for their spelling, and berating those who made posts he deemed "short and trivial".

As this attitude continued, the only solution came in a firm warning. This was paramount to being banned to Rez. His immediate reaction was to write an essay on his wrong-doings, attempt to justify his actions, and then announce he'd be leaving the forums. This news was met mixed reactions, while some members were brutally honest with their thoughts, others felt losing Rez meant losing a good chunk of intelligence from the forums. In an ironic twist, Voltron and Matthew138, two of the members responsible for keeping the Rez legend alive, felt the loss of Rez would result in catastrophe.

Of course, Rez never left, and merely continued to post the way he always had. In 2004, Rez obtained yet another warning for attacking the entire forum, bringing his total to two. At this point, he reverted to a meeker version of his former self, and over time, began to hound Krang for the removal of his warnings. Rez would go on to create several threads complaining about the forums, the mods in particular, stating that he would do a fantastic job as mod. He was ignored.

Banning Edit

Despite his constant complaining to Krang, and not-so-subtle hinting about the dropping of his warnings, his attitude never warranted their removal. After an absence, Reznorite420 actually seemed to be on the upswing. His ego had deflated, and he was again contributing in a way everyone was fine with. However, in late February of 2004, Rez lost it again, this time in a news thread. This time, aside from flaming everyone, he told Krang to ban his account, as he was leaving forever. He was gladly obliged.

After Death Edit

Following his banning, rumors say Rez was regretful of his decision. After begging to return to the forums, a request which was stoutly denied, many believe he actually threatened Krang with a lawsuit. Rumors and legends say he still lurks the forums, the anger he feels having never quite dissipated. Some say if you listen careful on the Drome late at night, you may hear frantic typing and NIN music over your speakers, the attempts of Reznorite420 to return to his old haunting grounds.

Trivia Edit

  • His real name is Brent. He would occasionally boast about it since Brent rhymes with Trent. Is his last name Reznor? We’ll never know.
  • Rez called San Antonio, Texas home. He once posted about how he wanted to move away from that particular city because too many illegals were coming there and taking all of the jobs. This is made funnier because Rez never had held a job for anyone to take away.
  • Never type the word “gay” anywhere where Rez might read it, unless you want to hear about the exploits of his bull-dyke mother or how this qualifies Rez as the only human being living allowed to call anything gay.
  • Rez believed that he was qualified enough to take the Texas Bar Exam because he had taken a government class in high school and passed with a C- average.
  • He more than once cited the video game Doom as his main reason for not going off the deep end. This is unusual since he has all the makings of being the next Dylan Klebold.

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