Nightwatchersonlygirl, also known as NWOG or Nwoggy, is presumably the most rabid of all the Raphael-fangirls. Her limited vocabulary and lack of communication-skills have quickly made her into one of the most dreaded members of the Drome. She retains a twice-warned status for continued necroposting and complete lack of accessibility to reason.

Despite her posting style being heavily reminiscent of a six year old on speed, Nightwatchersonlygirl was born on May 29, 1967. She lives in England

History Edit

NightwatchersOnlygirl appeared on forums in the last days of 2004, under the name of 'raphsgirl' - therein joining the ranks of other rabid Raphael fangirls who secretly dream about fornicating with "teh angstiest" of TMNT. Raphsgirl showed her big obsessive commitment for "her guy" and even bigger obsessive distaste towards other "Raphael's girls". She usually expresses herself in very short (up to one full sentence) and straight to the point posts ("Raphaels mine", "I love Raphael hands off", "Oh Raphael how i love you my Raphael) with a boldly shown disrespect for punctuation and vocabulary variety - and sometimes for the topic relevance as well. This unique style has earned her numerous Drome Awards in the "Member with the Smallest Vocabulary" category and she is probably going to remain unbeaten for the years to come - although the worthy rivals arise on the board every year.

The name change occured sometime in 2007, after the "TMNT" movie was released. Raphael was then dumped for the brave and mystic Nightwatcher and, as NWOG proudly states in her signature, "Nightwatcher can put his boots under my bed anytime" ever since.

People wondered whether NWOG's behavior is honest or is "she" just a troll, making fun of other fangirls. The fact she's been doing that since 2004 is pretty scary, though.

Asking for Moderator Status Edit

On January 26th, 2006 NWOG decided to publicly apply for modship. At the ripe age of 38, she started a topic with the title "How I Become Mod." Her message was simple:

How I go about becoming a Mod
So I have Raphael

This despite her being warned twice and having never contributed anything of worth to the forums and the boards not being in need of new moderators. After numerous futile attempts to tell her that she will never become a moderator, she apparently gave up.