The Mangoes of Welcome, and mangoes in general, is the first and longest Drome meme in history. In fact, it's hard to even call it a meme, as it's been passed down for so many years that it has become the first and only Drome tradition.

History and Usage Edit

Believed to be created by azure turtle in 2002, the Mangoes of Welcome came about because of early day Drome role-playing. Having gone to fetch some juice for azure and Kali, Machias Banshee returned with mango flavored juice, which caused azure to express his undying love for the fruit. Not long after, azure began "handing" mangoes to members as a small in-joke, a gesture that he eventually brought to the Introduction section. This caught on rather quickly, and soon it was custom to hand mangoes to all new members. Indeed, it became so popular that Krang eventually added a mango emoticon for just this reason.

Present Usage Edit

Now a days Mangoes of Welcome are less prevalent in the Intro section, almost to the point of being entirely forgotten. This is entirely due to two reasons, the lack of members who actually visit the Intro section, and the lack of people who actually remember the Mangoes of Welcome.