Machias Banshee
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Machias Banshee, or Machi for short, is the official Queen of the Drome. Having been one of the original long-time members, Machi is the owner of the largest post count in Drome history.

Join Date and Immediate Reactions Edit

Machi joined the Drome on 12-07-01, during the week the first five "active" members joined the forums. The immediate reaction was shock, because there were now 5 people posting simultaneously on the Drome, a true spectacle. As there were very few things to talk about in those days, Machi, along with Peanut, Kali, DarthRaphael and chrome_dome, would come up with all sorts of nonsense to talk about, joined by Krang and Shredder much more frequently than is seen these days.

Mod Status Edit

Not long after joining the forums, Machi was made one of the first mods by Krang. Despite the fact that there was very little to moderate, Machi accepted and went on to become one of the most respected and likable members of the community.

History of the Post Count Edit

Many still wonder how Machi managed to acquire such an enormous amount of posts, despite the fact that she has posted seldom over the last several years. In the days where the Drome had few members, and very little Ninja Turtle news to speak of, the members would often congregate in one thread for the night, where all manner of conversation and spam would be present, usually off-topic. In a fit of boredem, the first ever Drome RP thread was created, essentially as a place to converse and spam until all hearts were content. Among the pee trees and Michaelangelo clones, genuine discussion took place, and for a long time, it was the most posted in thread in Drome history. Needless to say, in the days when RP threads and forum games counted towards post count, it was much easier to build up a ridiculous amount of posts in a short period of time.

Queen of the Drome Edit

Having been around for so long made Machi an extremely well-known commodity on the Drome. This, combined with the fact that you couldn't find a sweeter, more understanding person in all of the Internet, led Machi to be deemed the official Queen of the Drome, even if it's no longer mentioned. Slow to anger, and with a motherly touch, Machi has diverted many forum catastrophes, and has cooled down a number of fights with very few words.

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