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nWo Tech (With Leo656) Super Moderators, Order of the Phoenix. Wait, what?

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Michi february6, Astrokreep, Kara in Chains, Alison Chains.

Grunger Kittie, commonly referred to as GK regardless of his current nickname, joined February 15, 2003. He is known for his female-sounding names and has thus created a Reverse-Ryona phenomenon for himself, although not on purpose.

Join date and Immediate reaction Edit

GK Joined the forums in February of 2003, one week in to the first season of the 2K3 TMNT Series to join in on the episode discussions. At first, due to his feminine user name as well as feminine avatars many thought he was actually a female. This led to some of the more hilarious moments on The Drome as Reznorite420 tried to pick up on GK many times. Unbeknownst to Reznorite, GK was just another slightly effeminate guitarist, a product of 90's Alt-Rock culture.

Origin of the user name Edit

GK's feminine user name was not actually conceived by him. When singing up for a guitar forum in 2002 he was stumped for an account name. A friend he was living with at the time decided to take it up on herself to come up with a nick name for him when she saw the "Punk Rock Hello Kitty" he kept sitting next to the PC in He and his Girlfriend's room stating "Well if she's a Punk rock Kitty, You're more like a Grunge Kitty." GK decided to change the spelling of "Kitty" to "Kittie" only because he liked the way it looked.

Most fickle member? Edit

Until recently, GK has been known to grow bored with his Avatars, Signatures and even user names in short span of time. He's had at least 4 User name changes, and would change either his avatar or his signature, sometimes weekly. The last couple of years however has seen this almost come to an end. The "EG" Eddie Guerrero tribute black band in his signature has remained there in some form ever since Eddie Guerrero's passing in 2005. Another long standing signature would be his early 2006 "Rated R Superstar" signature image that remained for nearly 3 years. Common themes in his signatures/avatars include:

  • Tomoko Kawase related images (Brilliant Green, Tommy heavenly6 etc)
  • WWE
  • Final Fantasy
  • Sailor Moon
  • Supergirl
  • And various other music related images or text.

Rob Van Dam Edit

During the surge of the Versus-Threads where members would pit different franchises against each other, trying to find out who would beat who in a deathmatch, Grunger Kittie was the first one to step in after the threads had been outlawed. grunger Kittie declared Rob Van Dam as the winner of these matches and locked the thread after his posting, thus making Rob Van Dam the strongest Ninja Turtle there is.

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GK + Leo656 = Hetero Life-Mates Edit

Although they have never met in real life, GK and Leo656 have been terrorizing the Technodrome Forums in tandem for years... when Leo bothers to show up.  They were brought together by their mutual love of TMNT, He-Man, pro wrestling and sweet, sweet poontang, not neccessarily in that order.  They are the originators of nWo Tech, arguably the most despised faction in Forum history due to their off-topicness, "press conference" posts that never end, and personal in-jokes no one else cares about.

While each of them is dead sexy in their own right, as a unit they positively reek of sex appeal, which is why they've never met in person: the two of them together would likely cause every married woman within range to leave their husband immediately for the mere chance of being the meat in an nWo Tech sandwhich, thus producing a massive upswing in the number of children born rocking mullets and kitty ears.  Being sensitive to such controversial issues, Leo and GK feel it is safest to stay at a physical distance, for now.

Whenever possible, GK and Leo socialize outside the Forums.  Early on, AIM chats quickly led to drunken phone calls and Christmas gifts being exchanged.  GK once made Leo spit beer through his nose by doing a spot-on impression of Beast Man eating his own vomit; Leo thanked him by sending him some awesome He-Man comics in the mail and telling him it was OK with him if GK wanted to nail his girlfriend, as long as Leo got to videotape it.  GK is still waiting for the DVD "Teenage Catgirls In Heat" that Leo bought him for Christmas 2005 to arrive in the mail, as Leo has been re-reviewing it for "research purposes".  "Meow", indeed.

Oddly, GK seems to change phone numbers about as often as Leo drops Kevin Nash references.  That led to an awkward conversation in which GK's mother answered the phone when Leo called.  Indeed, he later banged her.  GK is fine with it, saying, "Eh, that's what he does."

Indeed, there seems to be no separating these two.  By the way, they're totally straight.