A Gobo is an endangered, carinvorous predator inhabitating a global region named the internet. It is an extraordinary creature, first discovered on the 3rd of June, 2003 ad. There is currently one known Gobo not in captivity.It roams the Drome.

Classification and Behaviour Edit

A Gobo is bipedal humanoid, easily recognizable by lurking in the shadows of the internet and striking from the shadows. It has very keen senses, its most advanced sense being its sense of smell. Its keen senses are able to pick up any estrogen-based body in "The New Picture Thread" and attacks them with compliments galore upon encountering visual confirmation of its picked up scent. However, as opposed to the common internet lurking cellar-dweller, the Gobo does not just exclaim "Tits or GTFO!" or "I want to fuck you until next Thursday!" It masks the compliments in order to try to appear charming and not creepy. It uses phrases like "You are a very beautiful young lady" and doesn't shy away from trying to lure girls into its trap.

Once caught, the Gobo's prey will have a nice life and know that she is beautiful as well as appreciated. The Gobo generally means no harm but has a rather weird way of showing it.

The Dromian Gobo Edit

The local Gobo on the Drome is a generally pleasant individual with no villainous intent. Many members think he's funny and a rather pleasant being. They're right of course. No matter how hard the local Gobo fights its natural instincts, it has occasional relapses, denting that flawless reputation and making it have a kind of creepy streak.

However creepy our Gobo might come across, he's well-liked and a fun person to be around, keeping a level head and being generally friendly. Rumours have it that he's been tamed by a party or parties unknown, but he's still fun.

Pedophilia Edit

Things took a dark turn when Gobo ultimately was caught in possession of child porn and left the Drome as well as the internet, possibly for good. Who knew?

Defense Against Gobo-Attacks Edit

This is a precise order in which you can avoid being attacked by a Gobo. Follow these instructions precisely and do not try anything cool or funny.

  1. Lay on the ground and stay very still. Do not tease the Gobo or alert it to your presence. Do not say anything either.
  2. Wait for help.
  3. If no help arrives: Good luck.