A relatively new member on the forums who mainly hangs out around the General and Nick tmnt sub forums. As evidenced by his name, FWL is obsessed with the series of his namesake, sometimes getting into arguements with other members of the drome in defense of the FW cartoon, but is generally relaxed. Although FWL has taken on the avatar and name of a specific tmnt character, he doesn't repeat the annoying shtick of always obsessively acting in character like a certain drome member (CoughShredderorokusakiCough)

Despite his overall innocence however, A few instances have occured where FWL has made some weird threads and posts poking fun at the PD films, leading members such as Powder and CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy to accuse him of being a duplicate account, from being the resurrected spirit of the great Commenter 42 to another pesky account of he who shall not be named. However, none of these claims have been proven and FWL continues to remain an active member on the drome.

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