The unsung hero of the drome, etsyturtle2 was the best member that the website has ever known. He was always ready to swoop in and fight stupidity from the likes of mew and the dastardly snake. After being wrongly accused of crime he didn't commit, etsyturtle2 was forced into hiding under the guise of the mysterious "perma-ban". Some mourned the loss, while others praised it. This, along with the banning of an alternate goku account and the dreadful mew, resulted in the explosion of a religious war that lasted ages. Since then, the hype and tension has died down, and the only source of anguish on the drome is the paramount movies and autobot benz's terrible spelling and grammar. Some say etsyturtle2 is still out there, lurking with a fake account similar to gokus alternate account (destronmirage). Do you believe?

Is there still hope?

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