On 10/20/2009, Iron Man filmed and posted the first episode of 'Drome: The Series'. Drome members are represented by action figures in this series. The series can be found on YouTube on Iron Man's channel called ExtremeActionFilms.

Episodes Edit

1. "Pilot"

     The WTF dinosaur makes an appearance. Peanut informs Ai and Dr. Doom that the legendary troll monkey is causing problems and that he must be stopped.

2. "Troll Monkey"

     The gang, with Hannah in tow, take the Drome-mobile out to confront the villainous Troll Monkey. Brodie acts like a sarcastic asshole.

Members Representations Edit

Ai - Master Shake

Dr. Doom - Dr. Doom

Peanut - The Comedian (Watchmen)

Hannah - Blossom (Powerpuff Girls)

Brodie - Green Ranger

Drome Fan Service Incorporated Edit

Episode 1
"WTF r u doin'?" Dinosaur
There's a vacancy at the local cemetary...

Episode 2
On Da Drome
Got Em'