Real name: Scott Lubow. Hailed as both the savior of the Technodrome and its most nightmarish blight, Cubed (as he is called for short) provides no end of both amusement and offense as he defends everything about the three cartoons (Fred Wolf, 4Kids, and Nickelodeon TMNT), but at every chance decries the Turtles' CGI nostrils in the Platinum Dunes movies.

Also well known in the Pokemon community where he is equally hated by all except for the perverts who enjoyed his fanfic "A Day Inside May" where Ash fucks his 10 year old friend May.

He has been accused of racism, sexism, placing somewhere on the autism spectrum, and is known to have a crush that borders on stalking and harassment for Melissa Benoist as Supergirl. While some of the other members agree with his taste, most of them are simply creeped out by his cyber-ogling, amused by same, or both creeped out and amused by same.

His name was taken from his favorite game system, Gamecube. He used this screenname since the time Gamecube was the main Nintendo system and stuck with it everywhere he went such as and serebiiforums creating chaos wherever he went. On he change his name to Cybersai after hitting 100,000 posts. His real name is Scott.

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