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Cure4AIDS, more recently known as The Cure, joined the forums late in 2005. He may hold the record for the quickest personality change in Drome history, going from a forum sweetheart to a complete asshole in only a year.

Join Date and Immediate Reaction Edit

To call the reactions upon Cure's debut to the Drome on 11-12-05 anything more than forgettable would be a lie. Many hardly took notice of his existence, and his meek nature and overwhelming warmth left him sadly forgettable. He continued to put in his time, and eventually found a niche as the "Nice Guy" in the VG Section, despite his odd appreciation for Sonic games, an appreciation shared by few.

Falling in with the Wrong Crowd Edit

When Cure found his spot amongst the delinquents of the VG Section, he quickly became a well-known commodity. Soon, he was taking part in discussions involving movies and video games, and would eventually fall in with the infamous PA Tech. This may have been both a blessing and a curse. Under the watchful eye of veteran PA Tech members Brodie and Peanut, Cure soon took on some rather troubling characteristic common to the group, including an over-protective sense of pride in the forums, and a mean streak that few could contend with.

His joining of the PA Tech also ushered in a resurgence of the group, who suddenly became much more active in participating on the forum. Cure's fun-loving attitude did the group well, softening the hardest of them just a touch.

Post Name Change Edit

Not soon after, Cure4AIDS officially changed his name to "The Cure", and truly took on a life of his own. Armed with a dangerous skill, the ability to turn a thread into a train wreck and sneak out unnoticed, The Cure soon became very rouge-like, dropping comments here and there that resulted in a lot of fantastic moments. Many feel Cure was instrumental in the creation of The Disintergrator Unit, as many of the threads it contains were thrown off the tracks by his comments.


This is not The Cure!

Racism and Warning Edit

In the midst of his rebellious phase, The Cure would butt heads with the infamous KROW in what may be the only account of racism in Drome history. In a somewhat mild scuffle over unimportant details, KROW referred to Cure as "Cheech" sending him over the deep end. The fight was quickly stifled and both men went their separate ways, although The Cure went reluctantly, adamant that KROW should receive a warning.

Sometime afterward, The Cure employed some pretty harsh comments against another member, resulting in his first and only warning. After good behavior it was removed, and he's stayed on the straight and narrow since.

The Drome Wiki Edit

The Cure, with one of his better ideas, proposed the idea of a Technodrome Wiki to members of the PA Tech during a game of Left 4 Dead. While scoffed at at first, Peanut would soon agree that the idea was fantastic, and a few weeks later, they began work on the Drome wiki.

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