Booty Sigs
Booty Sig of Ra




Soccer Moms

First Appearance

Summer 2005

Originally started by Ryona, “booty sigs” were close up pictures of anime girl rears that several members used as their signatures. Most people thought it was stupid and it died out within a month. Interestingly enough Ryona was harrased over PM about the sigs by a middle-aged member who thought they were inappropriate for a TMNT forum despite the fact that Krang didn't give a damn about it.

Age Debate Edit

Booty Sigs re-ignited the discussion of "How old does a Dromer need to be to be allowed on the forums?"-discussion, last seen when Hannah signed up. However, Hannah's proven to be a mostly exceptional, if slightly erratic, young lady on the forums, the discussion died down quickly and younger members were welcomed with open arms.

With Buslady's complaint, that discussion was briefly re-ignited and it was decided upon that everyone under 13 years of age had no claims to make on the forums. Krang intervened, citing artistic expression as a reason for everyone to shut up,

It is assumed that Buslady's son is still reeling from the trauma inflicted upon him by half-covered anime buttocks.

Trivia Edit

  • Have the power to offend ten year-olds.
  • Bring soccer moms onto the barricades
  • Are not considered to be harmful to minors by Krang.