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Barkworm may be among the sexiest members in Drome history. Carved in the likeness of God himself, Barkworm descended upon the Drome like an angel from Heaven...or something.

Join Date and Initial Reaction Edit

Barkworm, nicknamed Barky by an admirer, is one of many popular forum regulars who joined in 2003. Despite the fact that he's apparently from several different non-English speaking countries, his grasp of the English language outstrips many members born and raised in English speaking nations. This, along with his ridiculous beard, made him an instant success on the Drome.

The infamous mugshot!

How Awesome? Edit

Barkworm is well known for being "awesome" despite the fact that he really isn't. Ladies seem to dig him, but most think these are just alt-accounts Barkworm has created to fill his ego balloon. He made waves by posting a picture of his mugshot, a fantastic photograph that was ripe for Photoshopping. Barky is often viewed as an enigma, over the course of his Drome career, he has come and gone like a shadow in the night, sometimes merely lurking out of sight. Members have stated they wish he would be involved more often sometimes, but these pleas are like the scurrying of ants to him.

Real Life Edit

Barky has come over with a sudden spat of the dreaded "Real Life" syndrome in recent years. As many know, this involves jobs and relationships, and it's something many members would often rather forget about. Because of this, his presence has been less than ideal. In days long past, Barkworm would often argue with Peanut over who was less successful and who was the most lazy. A recent study has show that Barkworm certainly lost the contest.